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List of Top 100 Best Free Classifieds Online Free Ad Posting Websites of Year 2013 -2014 for United States, UK, Asia, Europe, Australia, India, USA

2014 Best Classified sites to post free ads. International classified sites listing. Online Advertising options for Advertisers, Service providers, Business owners, marketing experts, professional individuals, online sellers  


Best Top 10 Free Antivirus software -2014. Free downloads for all best Antivirues

Free Anti-virus Download. Best Anti-virus Software Programs List. Full Latest Versions and Editions-2013-2014

Best Top 10 Free Antivirus Softwares-2012List of all/any of the good/better/best antivirus software programs you may need for your home computer system for year 2014- Download free all anti virus softwares programs for your PC, Mac system and Windows Xp,Windows Vista,Windows7, Linux operating system from all the best and top 10 anti-virus software programs available today on any the best website for free antivirus downloading for year 2013-14 


Making money working online- How to Earn Online via Freelancing Content Writing jobs on Freelance websites

5 Must-Follow Tips for Bloggers for Making Money Blogging While Working on various Freelance Platforms & Websites (, Hub Pages, etc) 

If you have a passion for any kind of topic then there is a real potential for you to make money by blogging on freelance websites. There are many freelance content writing websites for bloggers, like eHow, Hub Pages, etc that are Known to be more than willing to pay freelancer writers like yourself for their own blogging content. Find here a list of top 10 content writing websites for bloggers.  Though, if you are a regular blogger then there are many ways to make good money out of it, like mentioned in this post - 5 means to make money blogging.


Your Blogger Blogspot Blogs -6 Basic Tips to Rank them Higher and 100s Free Ways to Promote a Blog

Detailed Tutorial, Notes, Techniques, and Useful Tips for Blogspot Blogs : 6 SEO and Blogging methods to promote your Blogspot Blogger Blogs

Blogger (previously known as Blogspot) is a rocking free platform for blogging owned by Google itself. Blogspot Blogs . There are millions of free blogs created using Blogspot. If you are serious about your Blogger blogs, then they have the potential and appeal to rank much higher in search engines. And, by default, your blogs on Blogspot get very good points for "Domain Authority" (DA) as your blog would inherit the main domain url of Blogger which is : You need to be regular, affirmative, consistent, and honest to be able to get success with your Blogspot or Blogger Blogs. 

Viewed daily by millions- The Famous Logo Icon of Blogspot Blogger 

Blogging is a famous activity for most users today and Blogspot has become one of the most widely used popular blogging platforms for the simple reasons that Blogger is Easy, Simple, Straight, Speedy, Lovely, Nice, Clean, Effective, Quite Searchable, of the Oldest, SEO Friendly, Unique, Reliable, Vast, and off-course FREE! . You can do a lot of things with blogging, for example selling products, building trust, building communication with other customers, and many other benefits. There are some great tools that you can use for supporting your blogging activity. You can use Blogger blogs as your favorite platform. After you create your blog, you should learn some methods to promote your own blog. Make sure that you understand some of these methods, so you can get a lot of visitors for your blog easily. These simple tips can be followed by all bloggers easily. 


5 Image Optimization Blogging Tips for Onpage SEO and Image Search Engine Traffic. Why and How to use

Image Optimization Tips: Why you must optimize every images you use in your website or blog? |
On-page SEO Benefits of properly optimized pictures attached to your blog posts. 

How to better optimize your blog post images using Alt tags and Meta codes. Optimization tools for images to be used for any content. 

Rank your blogsite even in Image search engines, like Google Images,,,,, etc. Interesting and nicely optimized Images can help your blog in getting extra traffic and rankings. So, never ignore this aspect of your web, and always consider it important as it is also one of the very helpful tools used while promoting your blogs.   
This is another add-on post in the series of on-page Search Engine Optimization techniques to improve search engine rankings of any blog or website.

Whether you are blogging on Blogspot, Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, Tumblr, or any website made on PhP, Html, you must have noticed that images and pictures are a very integral part of any CMS (content Management System) Platform. That's why most of the popular CMS platforms provide special features for using images on your blog posts. Wordpress is one such platform where image optimization has found a special attention. You can not only easily use Alt, Title, Caption tags to your submitted images, but also SEO tags, such as Meta title+description+keyword tags as well. 


Google Trends Tool for Blogging and SEO for Webmasters. 5 Tips why Bloggers should use it Frequently!

Google Trends : One of the most used tools by bloggers, Webmasters, and website owners for SEO, Keyword research and search analysis

Google Trends Blog Post is a new addition in the series of the articles related to Webmaster Analytics tools and resources. We have briefly mentioned about Google Trends in the blog post- Top 10 Free SEO Analytics and Webmaster tools .

Introduction- In the process of successful blog writing one has to use several useful tools in order to get the desired results in terms of on-page SEO and off-page optimization , web traffic, content optimization, analysation. Today, we are going to an another important tool for blogging. You may probably have heard of Google Trends, but the chances are you’re not using this service in its full capacity. With the right approach, this simple SEO tool has the possibility to enhance our blog in many different ways, and with it your complete blogging profession. 

In short, Google Trends is a way of researching the presence of any given search term and then comparing it to the entire volume of search in particular regions on in particular languages. The results are presented in the form of graphs, which showcase time span on one axis (the measurement began in 2004 and continue to the present), and the other one represents the search volume. Other parameters like cities or countries can be added to the equation, and in essence, this service is a way of measuring the popularity of any specific search term. In other words, Google trend can be a fantastic way to promote your blog, so here are 5 ways in which you can use it for your advantage.

SEO Blogging Tips- Analysing a Website or Blog - 10 SEO Tools for Webmasters and Bloggers

10 Best Free SEO Tools for Analyzing Blogs and Websites 

This is an addon post for these of the previous posts : 100 ways to promote a blog
List of 10 Best SEO Tools for Webmasters and Bloggers for optimizing a blog or website in terms of Keywords, Web Traffic, referral and Search Engine Traffic, Social Media Presence. You can check anything regarding your blog from simple things like Page rank, backlinks to the whole traffic and demographics of your site. This practice is very good SEO techniques for blogs and websites.

These are great SEO tools that give you a thorough knowledge about your websites ranking in search engines and its popularity among the readers. Optimization SEO Tools, like Google Webmaster, G Analytics, and G Trends are being used even by expert Internet marketers and SEO Consultants to dominate their niche market on the internet web. 

It is always good for your websites and blogs to get SEO optimized so that they can get the better possible exposure. Maximum exposure is a factor that determines the conversion rate. There are many free SEO tools available that can help in providing better analysis if your blog and website so that you can get the exposure that you intend to have and thus get better rate of conversion. Know about these tools so that you can consider them for your purpose. 

10 On-page SEO Blogging Tips to increase the number of page views and hence the overall traffic for your blog

10 simple ways to improve your blog's total number of daily page views (or page views/visitor) via On Page Search Engine Optimization Tips

Do you know that you can greatly improve the number of daily page views for your blog by just following some simple on-page SE optimization tips as mentioned here in this page? The total number of blog page views grows because of the increased page views per visitor. Via this pretty easy method you could increase the overall traffic of your blog or website very easily without using any special tools or external backlinks. This is very important and specially useful as you are not doing anything extraordinary here, not even paying anything, it's a common on page optimization technique that is totally free. And, most importantly, the traffic increased this way won't drop or dip as this is not an external traffic, but you are generating it through your own blog posts.So, on page SEO not only helps in improving search engine traffic for your blog, but also in increasing number of page views per visitor (due to the improved post engagement of your blog) . Read the similar article for helpful tips on how to promote your blog- best 100 ways


Online Freelancing Work- 15 Freelance Platforms-websites for Freelancers & Internet based workers

Get any kind of Freelancing work on the Internet : 15 Best Freelance Websites for online professionals to Get Freelance Work From Home Projects- Assignments to Earn a consistently genuine Online Income.

|| Popular categories for the freelancing works on the Internet: Freelancing websites for Web Designers, Content Writers, SEO experts, Data entry workers, Website developers, Bloggers, Coders, Logo Makers, etc.||  

As i said earlier, we will publish more useful sites for people who want to earn online working as part time or full time. This is the next post in the series of good websites to make money online. (read earlier post: 10 best Gig based Micro freelance websites ) And this is a very special blog post regarding a very big online space for making money professionally : Freelancing websites and big platforms. Freelance websites are used by several thousands of freelancers all around the world to make money online through offering their freelance services in any field/ sector/ niche. Working as a freelancer is a great way to make money online without any trouble as you get regular work and there is 100% money security for your completed assignments/ projects/ work/ task as the the freelancing platforms act as a mediator and they take money in advance for your work from your online employers. So, there is no chance of loosing your money. Freelancing is a highly professional way to earn money. You get good appreciation and reviews for your work apart from the good payments for your work (plus, tips:). Start working on these platforms if you want to earn more money apart from making money blogging


Google AdSense Tips - What steps and precautions to take to keep your account safe and secure for ever?

5 Tips To Keep your Google Adsense Account Completely Safe And Secure

A question always makes the people worry who have Google Adsense accounts that how to keep their Google Adsense account safe and secure. There is a huge number of users who lose their Google Adsense account because they don't realize what actually happened, and why they got banned from Google Adsense. Google has a very strong algorithm and fraud click detection system. So, you don’t need to worry if you abide by their simple rules and policies regarding AdSense and your account will always be working finely.Majority of the bloggers do blogging to make money online easily via AdSense. And, due to the good CPC of AdSense it is preferred over hundreds of other alternative ad networks for publishers in order to make good money blogging
These 5 are the most common ways where people happen to make infringement of the Google AdSense policy and at last get their Google Adsense account banned permanently.
Google is very protective towards their advertisers money ( who are using Google AdWords) and they don’t spare any publisher if he or she is caught red handed. There is no second chance or review of your request for lifting the ban.
If Google AdSense is your only way to make money online, then you should take their system seriously and always follow their guidelines. Use the below given tips to save your Google AdSense Account for forever..

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